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CHAPTER 5: TRANSITIONAL AND FINAL PROVISIONS The tendering procedures for a contract commenced before this policy has come into effect shall be continued in accordance with the provisions in force  
32. How? - COMPLAINT  
COMPLAINT COMPLAINT Anyone can file a complaint. Complaints must be in writing and can be filed by mail, email or by using the electronic complaint form. The person filing the co  
33. How? - EVALUATION  
EVALUATION The Conseil only deals with certain kinds of complaints. At this stage, using the information received from the complainant, the Conseil decides whether it will investigate the compla  
34. How? - EXAMINATION  
EXAMINATION At this stage, the Conseil collects more information about the events that led to the complaint. The members of the Conseil designate one member to collect information to complete  
35. How? - INQUIRY  
INQUIRY The role of the inquiry committee is a bit like that of an investigator asked to investigate a case. The committee is made up of five members of the Conseil. In some cases, the committee also  
36. How? - DECISION  
DECISION If the inquiry committee decides the complaint is not valid, the Conseil informs the complainant, the judge and the Minister of Justice of its decision and reasons for its decision. If the  
37. Why?  
WHY FILE A COMPLAINT? Judges play a very important role in our justice system. When they say or do things that are unacceptable, citizens lose confidence in and respect for this system. This is why  
38. Home  
CONTACT US Conseil de la magistrature Palais de justice de Québec 300, boulevard Jean-Lesage Québec (Québec) View on Google Maps Telephone |  418 644-2196 Toll free  |  1-  
39. Members and Staff  
The secretary of the Conseil is appointed by the government for a five-year term. The secretary must have been a lawyer for at least ten years and a member of the civil service at the time of his or  
40. Members and Staff  
The Conseil de la magistrature has a permanent Secretariat that provides administrative support to the members of the Conseil and ensures continuity in day-to-day operations. The Secretariat is also  
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