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The Conseil has 16 members: 11 judges, one justice of the peace, two lawyers and two members chosen from the general public. Its main responsibility is to examine complaints made against judges and conduct inquiries when necessary.

Six judges of the Court of Québec are automatically members of the Conseil:

  • The chief judge
  • Senior associate chief judge
  • The four associate chief judges


The ten other members are appointed by the government for terms of three years each:

  • two judges of the Court of Québec
  • the president of the Human Rights Tribunal or chairman of the Professions Tribunal
  • a president judge of a Municipal Court
  • a Municipal Court judge
  • a Justice of the Peace
  • two lawyers
  • two members of the general public who are neither judges nor lawyers

HonourableLucie Rondeau

Chief Judge of the Court of Québec

Honourable Martine L. Tremblay

Associate Chief Judge of the Court of Québec

Honourable Martine St-Yves

Juge d'une cour municipale

Honourable Christine Lafrance

Justice of the Peace

Mrs Jocelyne Jarry


Mr Claude Rochon


Mrs Mélanie Mercure

Representative of the public

Mrs Sylvie Tremblay

Representative of the public

The Conseil de la magistrature has a permanent Secretariat that provides administrative support to the members of the Conseil and ensures continuity in day-to-day operations. The Secretariat is also the custodian of official documents of the Conseil.

The secretary of the Conseil is appointed by the government for a five-year term. The secretary must have been a lawyer for at least ten years and a member of the civil service at the time of his or her appointment.

Five employees manage the operations of the Secretariat of the Conseil de la magistrature.