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The Conseil de la magistrature du Québec is a judicial council that was established in 1978. Its main responsibilities are to ensure that the judges appointed by the Québec government conduct themselves appropriately and to further their knowledge.

These judges—approximately 400 in all—sit on the bench of the Court of Québec, the Professions Tribunal, the Human Rights Tribunal or the municipal courts. And some of them serve as presiding justices of the peace.

This judicial council is composed of 16 members, including 11 judges, one presiding justice of the peace, two lawyers and two members of the public. Its offices are in Québec City (its main location) and Montréal.


To further judges’ knowledge as well as ensure their appropriate conduct, and, in particular, to:

  • Prepare professional development activities for judges
  • Adopt a code of ethics for these judges
  • Handle complaints filed against these judges

To improve the justice system as a whole, in order to:

  • Foster efficiency and consistency in court proceedings
  • Examine and submit to the Minister of Justice suggestions received from the public that could improve the justice system
  • Cooperate with organizations outside Québec that have similar roles


To look after certain administrative matters:

Hold an inquiry into situations involving a judge's permanent disability, at the request of the Minister of Justice
Confirm or quash decisions of the Chief Judge of the Court of Québec concerning the division of the court where a judge sits and his/her place of residence
Every year, the Conseil publishes a detailed report on its activities.