I am very pleased to welcome you to the new website of the Conseil de la magistrature du Québec.

An effort has been made to clearly explain the Conseil's role to the public, in layman's terms, and particularly with regard to judicial ethics. In addition, a user-friendly, complaint form is now available online.

This institution was established over 38 years ago, under the judicial system. With this vast experience, it is proud of its ongoing contribution toward maintaining the public's confidence and trust in judicial institutions.

The Conseil's mandate is to ensure that the judicial code of ethics is respected. Within this mandate, the Conseil investigates any complaints it receives in relation to the conduct of a judge. An evaluation is made to determine whether the judge identified in the complaint complied with the regulations and duties, as outlined in the code of ethics.

In addition, the Conseil is responsible for the ongoing training of the members of the judiciary. Judges regularly return to the classroom, taking advantage of a program that provides the opportunity to further develop and update their knowledge.

By navigating through the various sections of the Conseil's website, you will find a multitude of information concerning its activities, and the role with which it has been entrusted.

Henri Richard