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Research - Conseil de la magistrature du Québec
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1. Hearings Schedule  
Calendrier des audiences Case number Complaint Date Complainant Judge Date Time Place Status Files 2020-CMQC-064 2020-11-05 Identité…  
2. Presentation and mandate  
INTRODUCTION The Conseil de la magistrature du Québec is a judicial council that was established in 1978. Its main responsibilities are to ensure that the judges appointed by the Québec government…  
3. rap16_18_anglais_web.pdf  
ACTIVITY REPORT 2016 | 2018 Table of contents Table of contents ACTIVITY REPORT 2016 | 2018 Return to Table table of contents of contents This publication was written and produced by the…  
4. Members and Staff - COUNCIL MEMBERS  
5. Form  
Hello, we invite you to download and complete the form below. Return it to us by email at the following adress   [email protected] If you have any questions, you may also…  
6. How? - INQUIRY  
INQUIRY The role of the inquiry committee is a bit like that of an investigator asked to investigate a case. The committee is made up of five members of the Conseil. In some cases, the committee…  
EXAMINATION At this stage, the Conseil collects more information about the events that led to the complaint. The members of the Conseil designate one member to collect information to complete…  
8. How? - EVALUATION  
EVALUATION The Conseil only deals with certain kinds of complaints. At this stage, using the information received from the complainant, the Conseil decides whether it will investigate the…  
9. How? - COMPLAINT  
COMPLAINT COMPLAINT Anyone can file a complaint. Complaints must be in writing and can be filed by mail, email or by using the electronic complaint form. The person filing the…  
10. Useful Links - LAWS AND REGULATIONS  
LAWS AND REGULATIONS Laws and Regulations of Canada Laws and Regulations of Québec  
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