Conseil de la magistrature du Québec
Conseil de la magistrature du Québec

About The Conseil

Overview and Responsibilities

This section provides an overview of the Conseil de la magistrature du Québec. You'll learn more about who sits on the Conseil and its role.


(a. 25, 26 and 30)

Terms and conditions of evaluating quality in order to award a contract, in accordance with the lowest adjusted price

  1. The evaluation chart shall provide for a minimum of 3 criteria required to evaluate quality.
  2. For each criterion selected, the Conseil shall specify, in the call for tender documents, the quality aspects required to reach "an acceptable performance level", which corresponds to its minimum expectations for the criterion.
  3. Each criterion selected on the evaluation chart is weighted according to its relative importance for carrying out the contract. The total of the weighting for the criteria is equal to 100%.
  4. Each criterion is evaluated on a scale from 0 to 100 points, with the "level of acceptable performance" corresponding to 70 points.
  5. A minimum of 70 points may be required with regard to any of the criteria identified on the evaluation chart. Where appropriate, a bid that doesn't reach this minimum shall be rejected.
  6. The final rating for the quality of a bid is the total of the weighted ratings obtained for each of the criteria, which are determined by multiplying the rating obtained for a given criteria by the weight of that criteria.
  7. A bid that is considered acceptable with regard to quality is the one for which the final rating is at least 70 points.
  8. The price of each acceptable bid is adjusted according to the following formula:
    Adjusted price =

    Bid price

    Quality adjustment factor

    The quality adjustment factor is equal to:

    1 + K (

    Final quality rating – 70



    The K parameter expresses, in percentage, what the Conseil is willing to pay more for, in order for a bid with a 70-point rating to be ranked as a bid with a 100-point rating, and this applies to all criteria.
  9. The Conseil shall determine, in the tender documents, the value of the K parameter, which may not be less than 15% no more than 30%.